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Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

Testimonials - Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

Husky Senior Care was immeasurably helpful when my father was being released from the hospital, and later from nursing care. In those tough days you know you want to get your parent home, but you're not sure how to make it work. Matt Long, the Director of HSC, responded to my call quickly, offered a variety of services and hours, and began coverage immediately upon his return home. The caregivers were all extremely personable and professional and allowed me to return to my usual routine. Thank you Husky Senior Care!

Julie Busch

I would like to thank you, Diane, Karen, and Susanna for taking such good care of Dad and Katharine. We all feel blessed to have such a caring team making it possible for them to stay in their home.

Julia Johnson

This is in reference to your employee Allie Lunsford who is taking care of M. Billings. I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous employee she is. She is always early, always attentive. I have known Margit for 40 years. This is the best person I have ever seen take care of her.

Mary Marle, RN

I’m as pleased as I can be with your service. Rico is pleasant, does anything I ask, and is strong enough to get me up the stairs. I like her very much.

Maggie Kahman

We are very pleased with Husky Senior Care. They paired us with Christina Koepp. She is sensitive and efficient and has charmed Paul. I have been able to schedule appointments and return to find a relaxed, happy person and a polished, clean house. (Paul panics if he and I are in separate rooms). On the surface it is expensive house cleaning, but the job is more than that. Christina appears to work with this Alzheimer victim as if there was no problem. And I feel I will be able to check with director Matt Long if sudden changes happen. Resources are available with his firm. So far so good!

Nancy Risdon

I write to strongly recommend Husky Senior Care as a companion care option for residents at the Mirabella. My mom has benefited greatly from Husky Senior Care services over the past 8 months, and I want to make sure that you know about this service for other Mirabella memory care residents. I was unable to take my mom on as many walks and outings as I wanted to, because of my other obligations with my job and children so I hired Husky Senior Care to take my mom to cafe's, on walks, and to parks. My mom loved the Husky Senior Care staff and I found them to be professional and well trained. I have copied Matt Long, owner of Husky Senior Care, on this email so that you can contact him if you think that other Mirabella residents would benefit from additional walks and outings or companionship. I think that Husky Senior Care also might provide assistance to Mirabella residents that live on other floors of Mirabella too. You can ask Matt more about the services they provide.

Rebecca Phelps

Thank you again for the nice reports from Christina. Please pass on to her that I appreciate so much her understanding of how good it is to get Dad out for a walk. I know that isn't always an easy idea to sell to him, and I'm very grateful for her patience and effectiveness in winning his trust. I was also pleased to see that Nancy talked to Christina about respite help so she can go to a ballet. We WANT her to do that! but it's hard for her. Thanks again for this very nice web service.

Peg Engel

Thanks a lot Matt - I appreciate it. I don't know if you heard or not but Christina played Mom's old organ the other day. Mom loved hearing someone play it and she sat next to Christina and joined her in song. Thanks so much for selecting a great match for my Mom.

Paula Jones

Hi Matt. Got rave reviews from the last referral I sent your way so have another. Please call me.

Kathy Ross, Choice Advisory Service

Hi - I just have to say that Mary must have an incredible knack with seniors! Whenever she has been helping out Tom, afterwards he is in a great mood and he is sparkling clean as well as the rest of the house. Thank you for setting her up to help Tom!

Ruth Pappas

Hi Matt, I'd like to let you know how wonderful Katherine is. My parents are pleased and happy with her and it is such a relief to me that that have the kind of care we have been looking for. Mom has yet to mention even one thing she is unhappy about. A huge thank you to you and Katherine.

Patti Shaddix

Dear Matt and Staff, I want to thank you for all the assistance and attention you and your staff of Michelle, Lindsay, Stephanie, and especially Ashley provided me prior to my operation in August 2012 and the following six months until this February. The therapy on my legs by Ashley helped me recuperate from a very difficult operation. Mrs. Manning was also appreciative of the excellent household help she had during this time. Thank you again.

Chad Manning

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