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Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

Testimonials - Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

I sustained a bone bruise (partial fracture) to my ankle and my husband works long days and I have no family in the area who can help me out with daily activities. After months of a long rehabilitation process, I was feeling overwhelmed, and I reluctantly reached out for help. Matt himself, the business owner, answered the phone at the business, which I was impressed by. He treated me with the kindness, compassion and attentiveness that he would have if I was his own family member. My Care Manager was friendly, personable, and also professional. She listened to what I wanted and set me up with the perfect caregiver for my needs, Amber. Amber was happy, cheerful, efficient, and reliable.I couldn't be happier with Husky Senior Care and I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance.

Artemis Liou

Husky Senior Care provides high-quality assistance for seniors. Husky Care aides helped my 90-year-old mother for 2 or 3 years, enabling her to stay active and connected through trips to the YMCA, shopping and other outings. At home, Husky caregivers prepared nourishing meals, helping to ensure that my mother ate properly.The Husky Care team provided excellent, conscientious support at every level. Matt met with us first to discuss care options for my mother. A care coordinator then visited to go over the specifics of what we needed and draw up a plan of care. The delightful caregiver with whom we were matched became a valued companion and helper to my mother, as well as a support to me. Her unfailingly positive outlook was a ray of sunshine in our lives. Scheduled shifts were always filled, and the plan of care was observed and updated periodically, thanks to attentive care coordinators and schedulers. Outstanding substitute caregivers filled in when needed. The accountant helped us to assemble documentation for insurance claims. Finally, Matt remained available and responsive throughout the relationship. I highly recommend Husky Senior Care.

Laura Friend

WOW! 13 days ago, I was told to increase the care for my 93 year old father and about 7 days ago, again I was asked to engage a 24 hour caregiver. Husky Senior Care was mentioned as one company to which I should inquire. I hired them for 24 X 7 care immediately. From the first contact thru my fathers' death 7 days later, they gave him the highest care possible. Each care giver, whether the actual attendant at dad's bedside, their social worker, RN or administrator, put my dad's needs at the forefront. I am convinced that each of these wonderful people significantly improved my fathers' last week of his life. Huge thanks to each of them!

Gary Christmas

We have had 'Husky Senior Care' provide caregivers for my husband for the last 2+ years. We've had primarily two caregivers over this period of time, with the exception of a brief interim turnover issue-- (which did require re-training individuals). Thankfully, this was resolved relatively easily with the help of the Care Manager, and owner Matt. The main two primary caregivers have been exceptional, and provide transportation to various appointments, meal preparation, and light housekeeping on a regular basis, (including dog walks). We are definitely pleased with Husky Sr. Care!

Lynn Jameson

I have been with Husky Senior Care for 3 years due to having broke my hips. They are very good, friendly, smart, sweet, compatible, take good care of me and my home and know when to alert my doctors of changes. My little brother L. and boyfriend S. appreciate the care I receive from my caregivers and Care Manager Bonnie. Thank you Husky Senior Care for helping me remain in my lovely home in Magnolia--without your help this wouldn't be possible.

B Kreager

Thank you for sending the delightful caregivers to assist me after I came home from the hospital. We enjoyed Yvette, Haddy, and Lovella. All were pleasant and upbeat! . . . Jennifer James [Care Manager] is now helping our cousin organize Husky Senior Care for her husband who has been in the hospital intensive care the past three weeks. I was impressed with Jennifer's skills in organizing a somewhat complex care plan for him. Her assurances and follow through were professional and excellent. We will continue to recommend Husky Senior Care.

Madelyn Lindsay

From my first interaction with Husky Senior Care while filling out an application at Matt's office, I know it was a good company to work for. Everyone was friendly and professional, they treated me with respect. They found me work right away and kept me working most of the time. I found Husky clients and their families to be intelligent, educated, interesting, and courteous. I could see right away that Matt and his employees had integrity. I liked and agreed with Matt's mission statement. Thanks Matt for creating a company I can be proud to work for!

Bonnie Schurr, Employee

"No Dr. Levinson, It's too dangerous," Nana said. Dad's caregiver, Nana, is not what you think a "Nana" should be. Try 6'3", full of muscle but also full of compassion. He looked at me when we met in Dad's house and we both laughed. I like him. YET, days before, Dad wanted Nana to bring the wheelchair close to the stairs. The people at Husky knew who to call, and I was able to talk Dad down from the heights of disaster, and Nana and Dad made up over pizza.

Matthew Long and the people at Husky always seem to know how to make the right calls. Matt and I have been talking on and off about Dad's health and care since 2012. He has been patient and very helpful through extremely difficult times. For over 3 years Husky Senior Care has given Dad and the family the stability, safety, and in-home care that has been remarkable. A great big thank you to Matthew Long and the care team at Husky Senior Care.

Robert Levinson

We want to thank all of you for your loving support for Al's care. Mary is a jewel and should you ever need a reference for her, please don't hesitate to ask. Your company has our highest recommendations. We greatly appreciate all that you have done for us.

Tammy Linden

Mickie [Husky caregiver] is just what the doctor wanted me to find. She is a breath of sunshine from the minute she walks in the door until she leaves at the end of a long day. She is professional in everything she does. I'm constantly thanking her for already taking care of something before I even ask her. She is always thinking, anticipating what we might need. She's observant, caring, efficient, compassionate and kind with David - always with a smile on her face and in her voice. I've been able to rest, really rest, with complete confidence knowing she will be working to help us. I am so grateful that Trish [hospital social worker] recommended contacting Husky. Everything Jennifer explained about Husky, and the type of home care we would receive is reflected in both you and Jennifer and Mickie. Thank you. And especially thank you for the respect you offer David each time you have been with him. You have helped our family so much when we needed it most.

Mary Anne G.

Thank you to you and your staff who cared for my Dad for four years. He would not have been able to stay in his home for those last four years without the 24/7 care that you provided—Penni, Janice, and Mary cared for Dad compassionately as well as keeping the house neat and clean. Dad wanted to stay in his house and you and your staff made that possible. Thank you.

Julia J.

Thank you, to you and your staff, for all you have done for Larry and our family. Your care in our journey through his illness was truly a blessing. We are so grateful for the comfort you provided him and our peace of mind he was well cared for. Thank you.

The Bell Family

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