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Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

Testimonials - Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

I cannot say enough good things about Husky Senior Care. My mother was living in an independent apartment in a retirement community. She suddenly took ill and need additional care. Matt came the next day and set up care. My mother then had to move to the health care facility. Husky Senior Care was so flexible with my mother's needs. When she moved back to her apartment they were there again providing care. Her caregiver Michelle was unbelievable. Positive, fun, engaging, helpful, proactive with care... my mom loved her. My mom is moving to an assisted living apartment next week, but Husky Senior Care made the transition possible. I would recommend them for their professionalism, amazing employees and flexibility to work with our needs.

Barbara Grecco

Husky Senior Care is AWESOME!!! I sang your praises to the Discharge Coordinator at Swedish Ballard. Let's hope she thinks of you when another family needs help.

Diane Duranti

My parents have been using Husky Care for about a year. The in-home care has been excellent. Because of this my 88 year old parents have been able to stay in their own home which is very important to them. The care giver provides exactly the type of care my parents want. She feels like part of the family and is knowledgeable, compassionate, and has common sense when faced with a variety of issues. I highly recommend Husky Care.

Patti Shattuck

Husky Senior Care is absolutely the best! By utilizing their services for the past several months, a period that was extremely stressful for our family was tremendously relieved. When you are thrust into the role of caregiver, the impact into your daily life and the lives of your family is immense and immediate. Thank goodness we found Husky Senior Care. They responded promptly to our inquiry and were able to set up caregiver services immediately. They were very understanding and thorough in tailoring their services to our mother's needs before, during and after her knee surgery. The pain medications completely changed her personality and she became increasingly difficult to deal with. The caregiver assigned to her was able to bond with our mother quickly. She was excellent at keeping Mom calm and happy during her painful journey through surgery, recover and physical therapy. I cannot say enough good things about Matt, Bonnie, Wanda and all the rest of the team at Husky Senior Care. If we need this service again, Husky Senior Care is who we will turn to. They are a godsend!

Caren Stewart

Thank you, to you and your staff, for all you have done for Larry and our family. Your care in our journey through his illness was truly a blessing. We are so grateful for the comfort you provided him and our peace of mind he was well cared for. Thank you.

L. Robinson

I would like to compliment Husky Senior Care on the content, completeness, and consistency--and of course timeliness--of the care logs. This supporting documentation is well organized and easy to read; and I believe it's responsible for a 33% reduction in the time it takes the LTC policy carrier to adjudicate and pay a claim. For the last two months, my mother's account has received benefit payments before it's time to address the next month. Bravo!

P. Jensen

Please accept our sincere thanks for the wonderful care and support everyone at Husky Senior Care provided for M.M. It was wonderful and reassuring to observe how Jaci, Vi and M. became a unit. Folks at Bayview, physicians and family members remarked upon the high level of care provided to M. The rest of the family and I will be eternally grateful for the positive impact on her quality of life and the fact that she was able to remain safely in her home. Thanks, too, to the substitute caregivers, schedulers, case managers, and everyone else at Husky. We appreciate all of you.

V. Morris-Lent

I have good things to say about Husky Senior Care. The single element that made me select your agency over others was how you presented your caregivers. I was very helpful to have the caregivers' pictures and bios to share with Helen. I knew it would make her more comfortable to have some idea who was going to be with her in her home. I appreciated the speed with which Husky Senior Care responded to getting caregivers in the home. Though difficult, the effort made to have consistent caregivers was appreciated. Sonia S. was very attentive and sought to anticipate Helen's need. She was quite observant and called me when concerned. She was able to incorporate constructive feedback that was intended to make Helen more comfortable. She heard my suggestions with an open mind and responded as requested. Care Manager Jennifer was also very helpful. Overall, Helen's final days were comfortable and spent among people who cared for her. Thanks to Sonia and the other caregivers who made this possible.

S. Kline

Husky Senior Care has done everything I've expected and more!

M. Kopcho

Husky Senior Care has been a Godsend! You have exceeded my expectations.

B. Wax

Hi Matt, I just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide to my folks. I know my mom and dad are not the easiest people to work with. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the wonderful caregivers that come and put up with mom and dad's irritable moments, take care of their personal needs, and handle the things that need to be done daily that are challenging for them to do for themselves. Having aid come to them has been a huge blessing for all of us (though mom complains) and Dad so appreciates that he doesn't have to help mom on his own every day. I know this is your business, but you are truly filing a need that we will see more of in the future. Thanks for helping my parents live a healthier, safer life without leaving their home. Blessings to you and your staff.

S. Tagart DeLong

Husky Senior Care served my Brother, who was cared for in his home with ALS for more than 4 years. Husky Care provided us with live in 24-hour care throughout this horrible disease until the moment of his death. Throughout the 4 years, Matt and his staff were available for us and Matt especially was always involved when needed. If I needed something, I could always call or email him and he always had time to listen and respond no matter if it was after hours or on weekends. I did not have to talk with an "after hours" person, I was able to call Matt who was keenly aware of our needs and my brothers circumstances. Working with Husky Senior Care gave my Brother's wife and me, his sister, a sense of security knowing that they would take care of providing qualified and caring CNA's who were trained properly as ALS disease changes the care needed often. As my brother's disease required complete help with all of his functions, they were trained and responded to our needs. If you need to talk with me for a reference, call Husky Senior Care and they can put me in contact with you. I could go on and on about all the things that came up during the 4 years we worked with Husky and how well they accommodated our needs but there is not enough room on the page!

Joan Edwards

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