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Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

Testimonials - Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

The need for in-home caregivers has really gone up since the pandemic. With higher demand, it is definitely more challenging than usual to find good, reliable, decent, caring help for your loved ones. The hiring process has been scary and frustrating for me since it is extremely expensive to pay for care. There isn't a reliable guidebook on how to find great care for your loved ones, I had to learn by doing and suffering through bad caregivers. What I learned is there are at least 2 business models/2 types of agencies: one that contracts out the work (like the uber model) and do not have any management or influence on the caregivers and second is that the caregivers are actual employees of the agency. Husky Senior Care hires their caregivers as employees and each caregiver has some college or certification for caregiving. This type of agency is so much better and surprisingly, the costs are the same as the contracting agency. Definitely give Husky Senior Care a chance to provide caregiving assistance for your loved ones. Markie (the Executive Director at Husky Care) was enthusiastic, determined, and creative in helping me find care that fit my Mom's. Other agencies didn't come close to Markie's professionalism and can do attitude. If you find yourself in a place where you need in home caregiving assistance for yourself or loved one, definitely start with Husky Senior Care!

Ann B.

I can’t say enough great things about Husky Care! If I could give them 10 stars I would. The wonderful women who worked with us when our sister was in hospice were so kind and caring and went out of their way to help us with whatever we needed for her care. Kudos to Juliana and Sarah- all whom were so professional, listened well and were well coordinated to give our sister Sally the best care in her last days. Losing a loved one is so difficult but what a comfort they were to us! We could not have asked for better staff. They were all truly a blessing!

Margaret Martin

Thank you, Matt, and everyone else that we had the pleasure of meeting through Husky Senior Care. You really worked a very necessary "miracle" for us, being able to send staff so quickly when my father’s needs changed more rapidly than we expected. Everyone that showed up at our door to help through those last few days, was caring, knowledgeable, gentle, hardworking, and a real help to us and our father. I'll be telling everyone I meet who needs help caring for their loved ones to give you a call.

Kari Hedman

I really can’t express how overjoyed we are with all of my Mom’s care team you have sent down on her behalf. It has been a long hard journey finding a caring team like you, but by God’s Grace, we did! To have a Care Manager (never had one before) is a dream, but then to have someone like Gina, is beyond words. To be able to network with her to help my parents is the best way possible in this late stage of their lives is such a huge gift to me and my family. Her compassion for them is another unexpected gift that we so value . . . Thank you, and we welcome our Husky Senior Care Team into our family.

Cathy Denton Womach

I’m a health care professional in hospice, and a huge part of my job is helping patients and families obtain quality and affordable private caregivers to supplement the care that the family is providing for their loved ones. Husky Senior Care, a smaller and caring agency, recently came into a very challenging situation with a frail very elderly couple, and despite their resistance to accepting outside care, Husky has completely won them over.

Unlike some other care agencies that I’ve worked with, Husky not only comes in and provides a free consult with a care manager, they CONTINUE to have the managers monitor and communicate with the family and healthcare team. Care managers Jennifer and Kris have been stellar in this way, and have found the most amazing caregiver, Michael, who visits them 2x weekly, each for 4 hours. They do it all, from driving the couple to errands and MD appts, to an outing at the lake, to meal prep, to light housekeeping, to personal care for our hospice patient. They are not the cheapest agency out there, but there is a real reason for this: quality caregivers, and a hands-on collaborative approach.

My agency has not affiliation or relationship with Husky or any other agency, but I did feel it would be helpful for those who are seeking good safe care to give it a go. :)

Sharon Krall

I wanted to say thank you for the services you provided my uncle, Hans E. Right from the start it felt good to be able to trust someone with the personal caring and attention to quality that Hans received. Your staff of caregivers are wonderful. The personal attention they gave Hans and the daily chores they accomplished were extraordinary. Hans enjoyed their company and felt at ease with someone staying in his house. I really appreciated the way Elizabeth worked with our sometimes hectic schedule once Hans started doing things on his own, and the way Bonnie was able to point out and control situations that needed help and the delicate way she gave advice to Hans when he was not very receptive. I am singing the praises of Husky Senior Care to everyone I meet.

Steve Sorenson

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