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In-Home Care with Hospice


Hospice is difficult and emotional. Our In-Home Hospice Care takes the burden of daily care from your family’s shoulders and puts it in our professional hands. We fill the gaps between nurse visits ensuring your loved one is comfortable and all the necessary care details are handled.

We’ve been providing this service for many years and have strong working relationships with local hospice programs, like Group Health, Providence, and Evergreen. We have an established Nurse Delegation system that allows our experienced caregivers and Care Managers to deliver premier care for however long you need it. 

We know the importance of communication during this time. We use our communication log protocol to facilitate communication between our caregivers, visiting family, and the Hospice Program nurses. Our online Family Room and Weekly Reports system provides information to family members near and far.

Our In-Home Hospice Care includes:

  • Feeding (usually a special diet)
  • Toileting
  • Bed baths
  • Repositioning
  • Medication assistance (under Nurse Delegation for the hospice medications)
  • Other services as needed

Nurse Delegation: How it fits into In-Home Hospice Care

Nurse delegation occurs when a registered nurse delegates specific nursing tasks to certified in-home care caregivers. It usually involves administering the medication from the patient’s comfort kit, which they receive when they enter the hospice program. The medication is typically morphine (pain) and lorazepam (anti-anxiety).

Nurse delegation occurs when the patient can no longer participate in the hospice process. As regulated by Washington State, nurse delegation is not optional. 

We will tell you when this point is reached. 

Service Checklist

We know this is an emotional time. Use our Services Checklist to gather and organize all the information needed to get care services started quickly and easily.


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Paying for In-Home Care

What are the payment options?

We accept checks, most major credit cards, or automatic drafts from your bank account (recommended). We can also work with you on other funding methods, including Long Term Care Insurance and Reverse Mortgage.


Ready to get started

We help seniors live well where they prefer, at home

The home care needs of seniors and their families differ widely. We have crafted a price structure that gives the best value at each acuity level. Please call us to discuss your Plan of Care and the Rates. We offer free in-home assessments.

You can also feel good that we pay our teammates a living wage and offer them good support and benefits. Call to learn more!

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What If I Cannot Stay at Home?

If you can’t stay at home, stay in a Longhouse! Click below to learn more about these wonderful households.