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Keeping our clients and caregivers safe is our primary concern always. We have a strict three-step COVID protocol:

  1. Caregivers undergo a formal temperature and symptom check before each shift.
  2. Caregivers abide by strict PPE rules when in the home, wearing masks, gloves, and frequently washing hands.
  3. We track outside exposures of clients and caregivers. Caregivers will quarantine for 14 days if they experience an exposure.

Thus far, NO client COVID infections have been traced to our care.

Home is the safest place to be during COVID. Your risk of exposure falls dramatically when you are at home because of the smaller number of interpersonal interactions. Larger facilities can’t regulate these interactions as well as you can at home.

Home care schedules are as varied as the people we serve. Each is designed to keep the client in their home environment. From housekeeping and laundry to shopping and cooking to transportation to medication assistance, our comprehensive offerings ensure each senior’s needs can be met. Click here for a complete list of our services.

Homecare offers the opportunity to remain in your home environment safely and with regular supervision by senior living professionals. It helps alleviate the care burden for families who wish to honor a loved one’s request to be in their home in their later years. Our services cover a wide array of services, including regular housekeeping duties, medication assistance, and live-in care.

Yes. Wherever you call home, that’s where we serve you. Approximately one half of our customers live in senior living communities.

We offer a 24/7 Lifeline Service that gives seniors the ability to call for help or support at any time. We offer this as a monthly subscription or on a call-by-call basis. We also offer on-site supervision through our Personal Assistant offering.

We accept checks, most major credit cards, or automatic drafts from your bank account (recommended). We can also work with you on other funding methods, including Long Term Care Insurance and Reverse Mortgage.

We work with you to craft your own Plan of Care. This is translated into a task checklist for the Personal Assistant. We monitor the work to make sure your caregiver is following this plan.

Yes, we have a 4-hour shift minimum. This ensures your caregiver has ample time to complete their work and have a quality interaction with you.

No. We do request a 48 -hour notice for minor schedule changes and two weeks’ notice to cancel service.

Yes. Homecare is a great alternative to traditional senior living options. However, not every situation is a good fit. We use our expertise and experience to evaluate each situation and determine if we can provide quality care safely and effectively. If we can meet these criteria, we’ll tell you.

We strive for consistency and minimal disruptions in your routines and schedules. Our goal is to connect you with one caregiver. However, if your situation calls for more than one person, we have a tried and tested communication system that allows multiple caregivers to work seamlessly together to meet your needs.

Using our homecare services ensures you have reliable care from vetted professionals. We see to the necessary paperwork and tracking (licensing, tax reporting, insurance, recordkeeping, etc.) that would otherwise be your responsibility. Our homecare offerings are more cost-effective and less of a burden than a personal caregiver.

For urgent situations, we can have a Plan of Care in place and a caregiver lined up within 24 hours. For less urgent scenarios, we use a two-week timeline that allows everyone more time to make decisions and create an optimal plan.

Each care plan is unique. For this reason, we ask that you call for rates. Click here to learn more about our services.

Yes we do and yes we will. Homecare benefits are included in most long-term care policies. We’re happy to help you navigate your policy and get it administered.

No, we are not. We’re huge UW fans and include it in our donation strategy, but that’s where our affiliation with the school ends.

We proudly serve King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. Our office is located in Seattle.

Yes. To complement our homecare services, we also provide Home Health, which includes nursing. Our registered nurses deliver nurse delegation and medication management. They fill medisets, provide RN care management, and make nurse visits to help manage chronic conditions. You can plug in anywhere along the continuum while in your home.

Yes. 24-hour care and Live-In care are our specialties. Our Care Manager Mode matches each client to a Care Manager who works with your caregiver to facilitate longer shifts and address more complex needs.

Everyone wants to stay home, but this may not be practicable due to cost or intensive nursing needs. Don't worry, we have a solution!

Our sister organization, Longhouse Assisted Living Households, provides the same excellent compassionate care as our in-home program. The community is a collection of vibrant households with dementia-focused care that provide awake overnight staff, great activity programs, and intensive nursing services. We have five houses located in Northgate and Bothell. Visit to learn more!

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What If I Cannot Stay at Home?

If you can’t stay at home, stay in a Longhouse! Click below to learn more about these wonderful households.