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Services to Help Seniors Live Independently

Most seniors prefer to “age in place”, which means they want to stay home throughout the aging process rather than moving in with a relative or going to a care facility. Over time, though, seniors may find certain tasks more difficult to perform. While family and friends may check in from time to time, seniors who have been independent for a lifetime often don’t want to ask them for help with personal care or daily household routines. Fortunately, home care services exist that offer a wide range of assistance to seniors. Many seniors find that they can preserve their independence and safety by utilizing the home care services they need.

What Services are Available?

Once a senior has decided they wish to remain at home, they will be encouraged to find that home care offers a broad menu of options to support aging in place. Seniors can select a comprehensive home care company that can stay with them as their needs change, from the simplest support services to comprehensive nursing care. Knowing you have a plan to stay home reduces anxiety! Here are some of the ways home care can assist a senior living at home:


Many seniors don’t need a caregiver to visit. They just need simple reminders to accomplish essential health maintenance goals. That’s where Telehealth comes in! With Telehealth, the senior receives a phone call reminding them to take their medication, take a daily weight, or measure blood sugar. The caller helps to document and report results as requested. For many independent seniors, these daily, customized Telehealth calls are the only assistance needed and are a highly affordable option. Families have increased peace of mind knowing their loved one is having daily check in calls as well.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Home care companies are at your service to do housekeeping and laundry chores that a senior may find difficult. Care Managers learn the weekly routine and trains the caregiver to do things just as the client prefers.

Shopping and Cooking

Many seniors find it difficult to plan and prepare healthful meals. Perhaps they are not accustomed to cooking for one or two and find leftovers growing old in the refrigerator. Perhaps they opt for the convenience of frozen or take out items and suffer nutritionally as a result. Many find it challenging to follow new diets prescribed by their doctors. An in-home caregiver can help with all aspects of meal preparation, including planning, shopping, prep, and cooking. Many seniors enjoy sharing favorite recipes with their caregiver. Caregivers who don’t visit daily can prepare portions for easy reheating later.

Transportation and Errands

The decision to stop driving is often a difficult one for seniors, especially when they wish to remain active in their community. Home care agencies can help by providing a driving caregiver to accompany the senior to errands, appointments, and social gatherings. This can be accomplished in the senior’s car or the aide’s car. Caregivers also can accompany seniors when they utilize specialized transportation such as an Access bus or cabulance.

Paperwork and Organization

With vision and hearing changes, seniors can often find the tasks of keeping up with paperwork and phone calls challenging. A caregiver can assist with bringing in mail and assisting as needing with reading and sorting mail. Caregivers also assist with scheduling appointments, updating calendars, and using technology. When assistive devices are needed, a caregiver and Care Manager can help the senior locate items that can make these daily tasks more accessible, such as magnifiers and large button phones.


Many seniors take some form of medication, and faithfully sticking to a medication regimen is often of critical importance. In-home caregivers help with medication reminders, securing medication refills, and monitoring for adverse side effects and changes of condition. Caregivers can also assist with nebulizers, home oxygen, and diabetic management. When a senior is no longer able to take their medications independently, caregivers can be delegated by a nurse to administer medications. This is especially helpful when clients have dementia or are under hospice care.


Many seniors have mobility challenges that make it more difficult to get around. Caregivers receive special training in providing ambulation assistance and transfers, from a simple standby to heavier transfers involving a transfer board or Hoyer lift. Caregivers and Care Managers can also help a senior obtain needed devices such as walkers, grab bars, and shower benches. They can train and cue for proper and consistent use while looking out for household fall hazards. For seniors who have suffered a fall or fracture, having a caregiver nearby for fall prevention during recovery can help them regain confidence and full mobility.

Personal Care

Good hygiene is a crucial part of being healthy. Unfortunately, seniors with limited physical or mental ability often have difficulty performing their usual personal care routines. Home care companies provide caregivers who can help with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care. Caregiver providing personal care know how critical it is to preserve choice, dignity and privacy in daily routines.

Nursing Services and End of Life Care

It is wise to choose a home care company that can serve you with any need you may develop throughout the life span. This means choosing a company licensed to provide medical as well as non-medical care. Medical care can include such things as care in the hospice environment, nurse delegated care, wound care, and medication administration.

How to Initiate Care

If you or your loved one has made the decision to remain home but now needs assistance, where do you begin? The first step is to call Husky Senior Care to request a free, in-home visit. This is a no-obligation opportunity for you to meet us and learn about our services. We will listen to your preferences and care goals and help you shape a customized Plan of Care. As a client of Husky Senior Care, you will receive a written bio of a prospective caregiver, and then be personally introduced to him or her by your Care Manager. Many who engage our services say to us, “I wish I had found you earlier!”

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