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Homecare Housing Match for In Home Senior Care – A Good Idea and the Surprising Result

Home Care Housing Match for In Home Care

One focus of Husky Senior Care is to bring down the cost of home care. The most potent way to do this is to encourage seniors in the same neighborhood to share housing and care. In this scenario, Mrs. Jones would move in with Mrs. Jenkins and share caregivers, effectively cutting the in home care costs by 50%. This would lead to a revolution in the quality and quantity of in home care that seniors receive in their neighborhoods.

This all sounds like a good idea and I invented the “Homecare Housing Match” to aggregate people who want to stay home with in home care.

So far, however, we have had little success with consummating a match. Why? We have plenty of interest from seniors who want to offer their homes for a Homecare Housing Match. We do not, however, have senior willing to move in to another senior’s home. At least not yet.

This was a surprise to me. I figured that the prospect of moving into an assisted living community would outweigh concerns about house sharing. I think I underestimated the adult kids worries about the stability of the house, the balance of power in the house, etc. We will keep working on this idea, among other things.

This program focuses on independent seniors. Our program focuses on seniors who have significant care needs but want to stay home and could do so with in home care. Husky Senior Care is an in home care company in Seattle that is committed to envisioning and testing ways to bring down the cost of home care for seniors.

What are your thoughts on how to make this a success?

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