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Finding the Right Caregiver

One of the keys to the success of an organization is the hiring of the right employees. If you have ever worked in a company that has excellent hiring policies and procedures, you know that hiring the right employees is no accident. It takes proactive, focused and evolving hiring policies that change and adapt to the labor market. The senior home care space is a particularly dynamic and increasingly competitive landscape that faces a shortage of qualified and competent caregivers. This makes the hiring processes of the organization that you select to serve you or your loved one even more important.

At Husky Senior Care we take hiring very seriously because we know that we have a sacred duty to provide skilled, safe and competent caregivers to vulnerable adults. We begin our hiring process by using a web-based hiring platform that accelerates our ability to communicate with and identify the best caregivers. From start to finish our hiring platform consolidates notes and statistics from the initial application, phone interview, reference checks and in-person interview and provides real-time data for the decision makers. We combine written, oral and practical testing in our interview process as well as a background check and certificate validation. The final and most important question we must answer is, “would we trust this caregiver to take care of our own family?”. If there is any hesitation to answer this question with a definitive “yes”, then we will not hire the individual.

We are here to serve you and your loved one. Please don’t hesitate to call with questions and to explore how Husky Senior Care can help.

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