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What is 24 Hour In Home Care for the Elderly?

24 Hour In Home Care is the pinnacle of senior care because it is one-on-one round the clock care at home. With this model, a certified caregiver lives with the client and acts as a personal assistant for all things. The caregiver shops, prepare meals, and eats with the client. All the services on our service list are available to the senior on this program, including activities of daily living, transportation, and home care assistance in the hospice environment. With 24 Hour In Home Care, a senior can age in place safely at home to the end of life.

Husky Senior Care does 24 Hour In-Home Care especially well because:

  • We develop a customized Plan of Care that evolves with the client
  • Our educated caregivers are better able to track complicated medical issues
  • Our Clear Care system allows families real time feedback on the care
  • Each client has Care Manager assigned which helps coordinate care and insures a smooth experience

In my view, any successful 24 Hour In Home Care program will have these four components.

Who Might Choose 24 Hour In Home Care?

24 Hour In-Home Care is for seniors who:

  • Place a high priority on staying at home
  • Have Dementia or are a Fall Risk (especially when combined with dementia)
  • Are on Hospice Care
  • Have Mobility Issues (need help with walking or transfers)
  • Require an extra level of support to live safely and comfortably

Staffing for 24 Hour In Home Care

Husky Senior Care uses a team approach to live-in care. We typically have a team of two employees who serve the senior: one lives in for 4 days and the other for 3 days. They also back each other up for vacation, sick leave, and other absences. The relationships that form allow for meaningful companionship. The Care Manager provides an extra layer of back up both for care and to support the caregivers.

To learn more about 24 Hour In Home Care for the Elderly, read my blog titled Home Health Care Costs for 24 Hour In Home Care.

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