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Grandma on Stilts and the Merits of In Home Care

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I took the family to the Puyallup fair last month and saw this grandma walking around on stilts (see picture). Wow! She reminded me of the founding principles of our company and I want to share them with you in post.

When I founded Husky Senior Care: The Stay Home Alternative in 2009, I resolved to choose a name that was not diminutive. We were determined to be the leading provider of In Home Care in the Seattle area. Having worked with seniors for fifteen years, I felt that seniors liked to be dealt with honestly, directly, and respectfully. Talk straight, discuss a plan, lay out the alternatives–believe me, they can handle it! This approach enhanced the dignity of all concerned and especially fit seniors who use In Home Care.

Two Pillars That Define In Home Senior Care

Husky Senior Care's approach is encapsulated in two pillars that define the way we view our mission and the message we feel seniors express or want to express:

No Diminishment: My weaknesses do not define me.

Affirmative Choice: I will choose how and where I age. I will make a plan.

Ponder the power of these statements. These are great principles for all of us at any age! These are bedrocks for Husky Senior Care's In Home Care Services and set the tone for the way we approach seniors and their families. I hope they resonate with you!

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